Underwater Pelletising Systems

Gala is a worldwide leader in the production of underwater pelletizing systems for throughputs up to 15,000 kg/h. With the successful introduction of the LPU�, MB 500� and IS�, Gala has established new benchmarks in the development of standardized modular pelletizing systems which permit economical and technical solutions for many applications.
Gala has been producing underwater pelletizing systems since the mid-seventies filling an average of 250 – 300 systems selling per year. Gala is also a leading supplier of centrifugal dryers for stand-alone and system applications.
Gala pelletizing systems are highly cost efficient and today cover a wide range of applications:
* Primary pelletizing
* Masterbatch production
* Compounding
* Plastics recycling
* Pilot applications
* Research and laboratory applications
Gala pelletizing systems are used worldwide to process a wide variety of polymers, from low viscosity engineering plastics to high viscosity materials such as gum bases.
The typical Gala pelletizing system consists of three main components that are customized for each pelletizing situations:
* Pelletizer
* Tempered water system (TWS) with centrifugal dryer and
* Electrical control and power supply
The pelletizing system interfaces with the customer’s extruder or melt pump. The pelletizing process is performed in a closed loop system. The pelletized product is conveyed by the water flow from the cutting chamber into the centrifugal dryer. During the process, the pelletized product has no contact with ambient air, and there is no risk of gas, dust emission, or contamination of the product. The process water remains in the tempered water system, another advantage which contributes to the environmental compatibility of this process.
The special benefits of Gala underwater pelletizing systems are:
* Low space requirement because of a more compact design than used for other pelletizing processes
* Low noise emission
* High economic efficiency
* Less cleaning effort required in case of product changes thanks to the EASY CLEAN design of the dryer
* Simple access to die plate and cutter hub. Replacement possible within 15 -20 minutes
* Production of both standard pellets and micropellets (from 0.2 to 12 mm in diameter) is possible
* All Gala systems are backed by around-the-clock technical support