Screw Compactors, for Plastic Foam Waste Recycling

For drying plastic films such as PE silage wrap for recycling.

With the Runi Screw Compactor we are able to press the water out of PE films more efficiently and effectively then any other process.  With the ability of drying 700-800kg/hr using only 15.55kW and a connected load of 63 Amps the Runi SK-370 is by far the most efficient machine for the job.  The drying is so effieicnt that the output product can feed directly into a lot of extrusion systems without any special handling or further drying.  Built to last with minimum maintenance and an easy to operate touch screen the Runi SK-370 will happily server you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


  • 700-800kg/hr Capacity
  • 7-8% residual moisture (Approximately)
  • 15kW Main Motor
  • 0.55kW Hydraulic Pump
  • 0.06kW Oil Cooler (Optional)
  • 0.08kW Cooler for gear oil (Optional)


  • Length: 4,500mm
  • Width: 1,300mm
  • Height: 2,000mm
  • Weight: 1,500kg (approximately)