Screw Compactors, for Plastic Foam Waste Recycling

Historically, the RUNI Screw Compactor was developed to compact EPS fish boxes for the fishing industry, but it has since proved useful for many other purposes.

With changing specifications and accessories there is practically no material that a RUNI Screw Compactor cannot compact.

Let us give it a try

We have succeded in supplying many successful compacting solutions for different materials in a wide range of industries.

It is impossible to calculate the exact outcome in advance. The experience we have acquired is therefore invaluable, when we assess the options available to any new customer. In many cases, we can find the right solution based solely on a sample of the material. If we have not tried it before, we will test it.

Compacting for recycling

A number of waste materials can be used for recycling, when they have been compacted. Especially EPS and certain types of plastic foam are sold in compacted form to the plastic industry. Here the compacted material is converted into plastic granules, which are used for the production of e.g. picture frames, construction materials and other plastic products in Europe, the United States and the Far East.

The waste is turned to value instead of ending up as an environmental liability in waste incineration plants or landfill.

Compacting waste saves both space and transportation

When the waste has been compacted, it only takes up a fraction of your warehouse space or waste containers and many waste collections can be saved.

Environmentally and financially it is also more practical to use the transportation space more effectively instead of transporting waste that consists mainly of air and unprofitable empty space.