Screen Changers, Manual

Manual Screen Changers. These screen changers are designed using finite element modeling, allowing leak proof operation up to 10,000 psi – guaranteed! Designed and manufactured by Dynisco in the US, these screen changers feature a patented pressure actuated seal that allows processing of polymers up to 600 degrees F. The seals are designed to be accessible through the slide plate opening, allowing replacement with no machine disassembly. Also, a multi-position handle design feature avoids interferences and allows for better operator access to the screen changer. Available close coupled extruder connections are cost efficient and save you money by eliminating c-clamp costs. Six manual screen changer models are available from 1″ through 4.5″ (25mm – 120mm), all with the capability of pulling the extruder screw through the screen changer while mounted on the barrel.