Screen Changers, Continuous

The Dynisco EC is a patented, fully integrated continuous flow screen changer system. Screen changes are made at full production conditions without melt flow interruptions and are initiated by operator input. When utilized in conjunction with a Dynisco gear pump, screen changes can be made without die pressure fluctuation. Because seals are precision toleranced metal-to-metal, a wide variety of polymer viscosities may be processed at operating pressures up to 10,000 psi and temperatures to 600oF. Automatic control is optional.
Dynisco Beringer’s CFW patented rotary style screen changer provides continuous filtration of the polymer stream. This hydraulic actuated screen changer provides leak-free operation at pressures up to 10,000 psi and operating temperatures up to 600oF. The CFW features Beringer’s innovative, patented sealing mechanism and utilizes microprocessor controls to effect multiple unattended screen changers.
The DBC screen changer provides increased on-line filtration area, increased production, and less scrap than single cavity discontinuous screen changers. Dirty screens can be accessed and changed without interrupting production and affecting product quality. Automatic PLC control provides precise, repeatable process parameters during screen changes.