Mixers, Auger [CTS]

Features * Large Diameter Stainless Steel Auger * Highly Polished Stainless Steel Contact Parts for Ease of Cleaning * Designed for Automatic Operation * Small Footprint * Easy Access for Cleaning, Maintenance and Reduced Downtime These mixers incorporate a large diameter stainless steel auger as the mixing implement and utilize standard 240 Litre Mobile Garbage Bins as the mixing containers. Advantages * Mixing in standard Waste master type domestic bins * The average person with up to 100kg per mix can easily handle these bins * Average mixing time for Masterbatch pellets is one to two minutes * Average mixing time for Masterbatch powders is three to four minutes * Bins are easily cleaned and may be colour coded to suit special materials or colours * Bins are readily available, making it easy and cheap to add to the fleet * Sturdily construction, very compact size and takes up around one square metre of floor space * The mixing operation is inherently safe * The mixing auger is easily cleaned in a short time between cycles