Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

MCLiquid in-line liquid dosing for injection molding and extrusion

Dosing liquids is a specialty business for which Movacolor has developed the MCLiquid dosing system. The MCLiquid ensures high accuracy through continuous loss-in-weight measurement and closed loop control of the pump speed. The automatic calibration function of the liquid dosing unit compensates for variations in viscosity or process changes. The liquid dosage system comes with a transport trolley for easy and safe transport of the liquid additive. With this dosing system for liquids you are ensured of accuracy which contributes to the saving on liquid colorants and a sustainable production process.


  • Continues loss-in-weight measuring
  • Automatic material calibration
  • Integrated hopper loader control
  • Warning and alarm output
  • Recipes storage function
  • Communication TCP/IP, Modbus, Profibus and CANbus
  • Menu guided control and graphic, LCD display with backlight
  • Control for extrusion: % setpoint adjustment, auto synchronization to extruder speed
  • Control for injection molding: % setpoint adjustment, auto metering time synchronization
  • Capacity 0,01-13 ml/sec. Measured using water (22°C)
  • No valves, seals or glands
  • Self-priming and dry-running
  • Simple, ingenious tube loading


  • More stability
  • Easy color change
  • Higher efficiency
  • High quality end product
  • Accurate dosing using 4-roller pump heads
  • No contamination of the fluid and pump
  • Automatic check valve function prevents backflow
  • Ideal for aggressive fluids