Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

MC18 in-line dosage system for injection molding and extrusion

The MC18 Synchronic volumetric in-line dosing unit is suitable for injection molding and extrusion. The dosing system adds precise percentages of masterbatch, powder and regrind at the throat of an injection molding machine or extruder. This precise dosing is accomplished by the combination of well thought out controls, a dosing cylinder and a stepper motor. This golden combination makes the MC18 dosage unit well up to the job of coloring PET preforms, caps and closures, toys, household, automotive, packaging, medical, profiles, pipes, cables, sheets, film and other applications in the plastics processing industry.


  • Manual adjustment of metering speed and time
  • Auto synchronization to extruder speed
  • Integrated hopper loader control
  • Alarm output
  • Manual calibration
  • Relay mode for extrusion
  • 4-piece, 7 segments LED display
  • Keypad operated
  • Keypad lock function
  • Capacity 0,07-180 kg/h measured with normal granular masterbatch 0,8 kg/dm3


  • Accurate dosing with low investment and high savings
  • Maximum control as a result of controls, dosing cylinder and stepper motor
  • The quickest and easiest way of changing colorants
  • A dosing unit which is robust and easy to clean
  • Easy to operate for any operator
  • Thanks to modular design you can adjust or upgrade the unit very easy