Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

Fully integrated yield control for extrusion lines with MCLine Control

Increasing material prices and higher quality demands require full control of your extrusion lines. Movacolor offers this with our MCWeight throughput measurement system in the capacity range between 10 – 1200 kg/hr.

The 8” full color touch screen controller can directly be connected to your extrusion line.

There are four control options:

  1. Capacity control (kg/hr)
  2. Yield control (kg/m)
    > Manual puller speed
    > Manual extruder speed
  3. Capacity and yield control
    > Extruder and puller controlled

Interfacing with extruders and pullers as well as with central control systems can be done with a wide variety of interfaces: analog or via several bus systems.

The extreme simple user interface allows your operators to run the extrusion lines with an absolute minimum of scrap within the tightest possible quality margins.



  • Manual and automatic operation mode, seamless changeover
  • Ramp up/down control
  • Four different control configurations
  • Different I/O options (analog, digital)
  • Consumption counters for material usage monitoring



  • Integrated control system
  • Continous blender set-up