Extrusion Fibre Lines/Equipment

Plastic wires, or monofilaments, are a single filament of indefinite length that because of their physical properties are increasingly being used for all kinds of fish lines, brush bristles, surgical sutures, nets, filter cloths, racquet strings, automotive and household carpet, replacing natural products and metal wires.
TST extrusion Engineering screw designs for this application ensure polymer homogeneity, zero contamination and consistent extrusion rates for an enhanced product quality. Not only can round cross sections be produced but also star-shaped, square or other profiled sections with the appropriate additional equipment.
Another class of fibre lines is strapping-tape. Tapes are manufactured predominantly from polypropylene using flat or film dies, orientated in the machine direction (stretched and set) to embed tensile strength. Film tapes can be used for decorative ribbons, bailer and garden twine, woven sacks, reinforcement webbing, ropes and waterproof tarpaulins. Strapping tape of a thicker gauge can be used in automatic packing machines and packaging.
TST extrusion Engineering extruder number 709475 was designed and installed in New Zealand to pioneer bailing twine in Australasia. This is still in operation after more than 30 years.